Recommended Vendors

McCullough's Property Maintenance is pleased to offer our customers this recommended vendor list. We have identified companies that, in our opinion, will provide a high level of service at a fair price. We have had good experiences with the companies on our recommended vendor list. This list will be added to in the future as we discover new businesses that we feel will benefit our customers. Please note that McCullough's Property Maintenance is not affiliated with any of the following companies, and are only providing this list as a benefit to our customers. If you have any questions, please contact us at (610) 500-1283.

Lang’s Lawn Care

Jeffrey Lang and Keith Critchley formed Lang’s Lawn Care in 2004. Now, more than 12 years in business, Lang’s Lawn Care beautifies the properties of more than 4,000 happy customers throughout Chester County, Delaware County, and Montgomery County. Boasting a 90% retention rate, and with client referrals representing more than 80% of their business, it’s clear that personalized attention and customer satisfaction are the company’s top priorities.

  • Receive 50-100% Off 1st Application
  • Free Evaluation of Your Lawn
  • Free Insect Control With Your Program
  • Unlimited Weed Control As Needed

Call Lang’s now at 610-647-6001
Serving: All of Chester County