Spring Clean Up

The changing of seasons makes us all want to clear the clutter, figuratively and literally. From clearing junk out of the attic to reorganizing the office filing system, changing weather creates the urge to spruce up. But what about seasonal yard cleanup for your property?

That same urge to spruce up your home or office also pertains to your landscape. Here in the tri-state area, seasonal yard cleanup does more than just make your landscape look good; it also prepares your landscape for the warmer weather conditions and yard traffic that come with the spring and summer seasons.

With our Spring Yard Cleanup service, we will clear away all yard debris that has accrued over winter and prepare your landscape for the hot Pennsylvania summer.

Removing fallen leaves and sticks from your yard can be time-consuming and tiring. Allow McCullough Property Maintenance to do a full cleanup of your Chester County or Delaware County area landscape. We remove all sticks, leaves, and debris, then we haul it all away.

Benefits of Spring Yard Clean Up

— Eliminate mold, bacteria, and diseases that can be festering in dead leaves.

— Displace invasive insects can threaten your yard and trees.

— Make sure your yard is safe from mold and bacteria growth.

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