Landscape Design

09f5e45c-c404-4c3f-a87c-3d4552a1bb18Landscape design:

When you pull up to a residence the first thing you notice is the house and its landscaping. You see what brings out the colors and different schemes of the house which is the landscaping design and different flowers and their colors. We like to go off of the existing colors that are already on your property whether it is the colors from your trees or the house we want everything to flow and match properly. We pride ourselves in making your beds stand out from everyone else’s. With our professional landscape designer, we can have your property looking beautiful with whatever budget you give us. After we design and install your gardens, of course, we don’t want to watch them wither away so we provide bi-weekly or monthly flower bed maintenance that we do either when we come to cut the grass or another day of the week. This usually just involves weeding and trimming any bushes that are getting overgrown.